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    Gennex was founded March 2000. Since then, we have expanded and established our presence in Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia. We have achieved this by continuously providing our customers with quality products and services.

    As a fast-growing distributor of electronic components, hardware supplies, semiconductor test and equipment and test consumables, Gennex represents several reputable and well-known manufacturers worldwide. In close coordination with our suppliers, we are able to get customers up-to-date on new product development and market trends.

    Our competitive edge lies in working closely with customers in providing them superior materials planning and procurement strategies. We are able to attain this because of the more than 1 decade combined experience of our staff in supply chain management. Warehouses strategically located in Singapore Philippines and Hong Kong allows us fast and cost efficient deliveries to customers.



Established in Manila, Philippines


Appointed by Tyco as distributor & VAR for Philips Optical Drive projects


Position as distributor for Electro-Mech & Mechanical. Acquired franchises of Omron, Laird, Steward.

2005 – 06

Established as Electronics & Semiconductors Distributors. Appointed by Kemet, Johanson, Chemicon, Tyco Dynavision and Ehwa

2007 – 09

– Incorporated in Singapore in 2007.

– Regional Expansion, Setup Thailand Rep office.

– Appointed by ESA, extended Franchise of Kemet, Laird / Steward into Asean.

2010 -12

– Expanded our product lines with Buehler, 3M and Rika Denshi

– Rank Top 3 Best suppliers in Cypress for 3 years, Best distributor for Omron

– Sales Turnover Exceed US$10.0M in 2011

– Appointed by Buehler as Exclusive Agent in Singapore, Set up Accumet Instrument.

2013 – 14

– Established Gennex Malaysia. Extended Franchise of Omron into Asean.

– Appointed by Buehler as an Exclusive distributor in Philippines

– Expanded with new franchises Everlight, Smiths Connector, Bosch Sensortec, Taitien, JEM.


    • Singapore: Sales | Distribution | Warehousing
    • Philippines: Sales | Distribution | Warehousing
    • Thailand: Sales
    • Malaysia: Sales
    • China: Sales
    • Indonesia: Rep
    • Vietnam: Rep
    • Hong kong: External Warehousing Facility